Dymaprint 160

Dymaprint 160 is a high concentration and Eco-friendly Thickener for pigment printing, its kerosene free and can be applied to all the processes like flat screen, roller screen etc, and all kinds of fabric. Excellent anti-electrolyte properties, well compatibility with all kinds of Binders which developed specially for textile printing industry.

Thickener Products for cellulosic fiber fabric and chemical fiber as high-concentration synthetic thickener for pigment printing agent.


Composition Acrylate polymer dispersion
Appearance Light yellowish viscous liquid
PH Range
6.0 - 7.0  (white paste)
Solubility Mix with water with any rate
Ionic Anionic
Viscocity Over 100000 cm/Pa  (1.5% white pastes)


Water X%
Urea 3%
Binder 10 - 20 %
Dymaprint 160
1.3 - 1.5 %
Pigment 100%

Package Storage: 50 KG/Drum

Stable over 8 month. Store in a dry, ventilated warehouse with the temperature between 5-40℃.


  • Please Stir before using.
  • Do not store in mild steel, copper or aluminum containers.
  • Keep away from water.

The above information edited by our knowledge and experiences which is reliable, but it still influenced by the unknown factors in application. Please make the samples before using. For more information concerning the technical and operation, please see our material safety data sheet or consult our technical service department.

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