We will work together to define and understand every process performed by the organization and continuously strive to improve the quality at different stages of production and supply. Our aim is to grow by providing standard and superior chemical products and support services that are always a step ahead, eco-friendly, And Loved by Our customers.
We will give our customers every reason to rely on us and will achieve our vision by developing win-win partnerships with our clients and open communications with our all stake holders including associates and customers.

Training Programs

Novel International has arranged many training programs for the improvement of its staff members. So that our technical staff can grasp new technologies. In this way they are able to introduce new products in the market and satisfy their customers in more appropriate manners.

Research & Development

We have qualified and experienced technical staff ready to listen and assist the customer wherever they are. The labs also provide demonstration, application and training facilities for staff. We also train fresh students who wants to join this field just to support the industry.

Safety Measures

During the process, safety measures are strictly followed by the management at plant as well as in the laboratories according to the standard procedures.

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